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Training ILO convention on 183, 189 for Federation

On 30th April, 2015, CLC have cooperated with CNV-I to conduct the training of “ILO convention 183, 189”at CLC headquarter. The mains objective of this training is to disseminate the knowledge of ILO convention 183, 189 through discussion and possibility to encourage participants to assist in the demand for ratification of ILO convention 183, 189. The specific objective of the training is to establish a common understanding on ILO convention 183, 189, to share experiences from different parts of the participants helpful for identifying appropriate advocacy strategies, and to develop future strategies to urge Cambodia Government to ratify ILO convent 183, 189.There were around 27 participant include 15 female from C-CAWDU, CTSWF, CAWF, CIWF, CIWA, BWTUC, Transportation, FAPD, andCLC.

Under facilitated from Mr. Bean Channy, Project officer of CLC, Miss. Born Kanha, and Project Assistant of CLC and have cooperated from Mrs. Neang Sovatha Gender Coordinator of CLC to conduct the training for one day. There were two main people to be as presenter in this training included Ms. Heng Chenda, Gender committee chief of CLC, and Ms. Laura Barisone (tbc) of ILO.

CLC get the financial support from European Union (EU) through CNV-I to implement the project on “To promoting Care labour Standard in Cambodia to-ward a Decent Job for Cambodian Worker”. The period of this project is for three year that starts from 01st April 2013 to July 2017.

Mrs. HengChenda was presentation on “woman and trade union” she focused on three main points like The Introduction of woman and trade union, the general situation of woman in union, and the recommendation.

Ms. Laura Barisone was presentation on “Understanding on ILO convention 183, 189”. She has two slide presentation of ILO 183 that focused on Maternity Protection convention. About ILO 183, she focused on what is maternity protection, scope of convention, Leave, Cash benefits, Funding of maternity benefits, employment security, Non-Discrimination, and Health Protection. And about ILO convention 189 is about decent work for domestic workers, she has share about Overview, Convention 189 and Recommendation, International Update, Technical Comments-General, Technical Comments- Definitions, C189 overview

Overall Concluding:The training has completed in successfully for a full day through the program of CLC and CNV-I proposed. There were more number of participate and follow the expectation. Most of participant is the youth who come from different union and university youth. They have good relationship and active in sharing the knowledge. They have respected on the training regulation, Value of other participant.

Lesson Lern: The facilitators have lern from the training, speaker on how to do presentation, the concept of speaker and recommendation from them for the training and youth. The faciliators also have lern from the participant on their felling, their needed, their sharing the oppinion, expresson the concern to the training around youth issues and the preparing of training.

Thefacilitators have lern from their self in preparing the training on the preparation, facicilate, providing, protecol, and lern on how to be a good facilitator.

Successful:Both Presenters have more knowledge and skill in presentation and sharing to participant. They are strongly and have good technic in presenting and flexible to answer the question. Most of participant has pay attention with the training and active in asking the question trainer to clarify. There is more voice of woman in the training and they are brave to express the idea on gender issues. Men in the training have expressed his opinion to support the woman and want to see the number of woman leaders in the union. The training has time management and good following the program.

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