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TOT Youth Training for Federation

On 06th-07th April 2015, CLC have cooperated with CNV-I to conduct the training of “ToT on Youth, Youth policy, CLC youth”at CLC headquarter. The purpose of training is to presentation to participant on youth policy, youth issue,youth mainstreaming to all participants and created the work plane with all of to share the knowledge to other member after the training. To increase youth understanding on youth issue in Cambodia, to identify the strategy to do advocacy. There was 27 participant include 8 female who come from 9 union confederation.

Under facilitated from Mr. Bean Channy, Project officer of CLC, Miss. Born Kanha, and Project Assistant of CLC and have cooperated from Mrs. Neang Sovatha Gender Coordinator of CLC to conduct the training for two day. This training has participation from Mr.Ath Thorn, president of CLC to Open Remark. There were three other main people to be as the speaker like Mr. SengRithy, executive director of KIND, Miss. Neang Sovathana, freelance consultant, and Mr. Yan Thy, general secretary of BWTUC.
Mr.Ath Thorn, president of CLC was open remark and makes a conversation with the trainees. He express that, youth is the force in building and developing the countries. In 2012-2013 there was 8.4million (between 15-59 years old) who is the force people. He continues that, At European has oldest people because they have the right and freedom, so they don’t want to have a lot of children. He shared that; while I lived in thus countries I saw that the small young have met the high risk.
Mr.SengRithy, executive director of KIND is an external expert has presentation on national policy on youth development. He has showed around four main points in his slide presentation like background of national policy, strategy, monitoring and evaluation and work plan.Miss. NeangSovathana, freelanceconsultant comes to presentation on youth mainstream.
In this section she has share four main point plus one message to all of participant like why dose Youth is important, youth power; youth mainstream, and shall youth waiting for?At the end she expresses a message that “the time of youth is a best time to identify your future”Ms.NeangSovatha, gender coordinator of CLC is an internal expert come has presentation on the methodology of teaching or provide training. She has explained to all of participant on how to conduce training, the way to train the people.Mr. Yan Thy, general secretary of WTUC is an internal presenter has share on youth issue and youth national policy. He also shared his experience from his work place with the worker.

Success point, most of participant have interested on this training, they are very active and involve with training. Most of them get more understanding on the concept of training, they have good time management. On the second time they can role play as a good trainer in the training. There are more talking between university youth and union youth on youth in labour sector and youth national policy.
Challenge, a few people no enough time to joint for two day in the training.
- The participant has suggested to CLC provide more training to participant both in CLC’s
Office and in factory.
- Next training should beinvite University youth and union youth to joint with/more speaker for presenting;
- The training room should widely and have good environment;
- CLC should be increase more transportation to participant;
- The next training should be announced before for a week and give certificate after training around 2 day.
- They proposed more topic for the next training on “researching on specific information, labour law and union law, how to get success in motivation youth union, how to motivation government to implement on youth national policy, the effective of youth in expression, youth leadership, Advocacy, dispute Resolution, marketing, management, youth faction in politic, youth in politic sector, the identifying youth in government level”.

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