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Steering Committee Meeting on developing and progressing of implementing project activity

On 15th January 2015, CLC has conducted the third Steering Committee Meeting at the CLC’s office, Phnom Penh, Cambodia in order to reporting of developing and progressing of implementing project activity. There were 11 Steering Committee member including 02 female participants of this meeting.

- To strengthen the relationship between CNV and Steering Committee; and
- To exchange opinions between CNV and Steering Committee on several tasks related with rights and core employment standard in Cambodia.

Expected Results:
- The relationship between CNV and Steering Committeeis becoming closer and stronger; and
- The project will absorb opinions of rectifying the smoother progression and be successful in implementing activities.

Welcoming all Participants:
First of all, Mr Tun Sophorn, Chairman of project, has opened the meeting and had pleasantries to participants and encouraged them in discussion about rights and working conditions in Cambodia in order to exchange opinions from each other.
Before going to the topic, Mr. Tun Sophorn let participants introduce themselves to Mrs. Marie Jose to be friendlier among them.
After the introduction Mrs. Marie Jose said she has had astrong impression to work with unions, especially, withCLC. She added the visit to Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers Federation was so essential because there were so many issues and cases to overcome in working conditions for employees in this sector. Then she went on visiting Kompot Province to have pleasantries and talk to Building and Wood Workers Trade Union Federation of Cambodia. With this meeting, she was more interested and met CAMFEBA to talk about social work and better cooperation. She added the one-week-visit had been very vital for implementing 5C and CIS on managing finance sustainably. She would not spend more time elaborating and she was looking forward to the presentation of progressivity in the project made by project officers later on.
Next, Mr. Horng Vuthy, CLC's Project Coordinator, was allowed by Mr. Tun Sophornto make a presentation of EU Project and staff in charge of implementing activities. Mr. Bean Channy, CLC's EU Project Officer came to make a the presentation of progressivity in the project and next plans to be demonstrated to the Steering Committee and Mrs. Marie Jose to be aware and giving comments on the successful project and smooth implementation. After both presentations, Mr. Tun Sophorn let the participants to have questions and comments to rectify the implementation more effectively.
Mrs. Mrie Jose's first question was asked, '' How do we make partners such as youth and external affiliates out of our members?''
Mr. Ath Thorn,President of CLC replied,'' We have only worked with the affiliate as full time staff and external experts. For theexternal, it has been difficult to invite them to participate. However, it is possible when we have mutual understanding from each other.''
And Mr. Morm Rithy, the President of Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers Federation and the member of Steering Committee, said, '' I seem not to be aware of how to evaluate this project and how successful the project has been. How do we putplans and have meetings?'' Mr. Tun Sophorn, the Head of Steering Committee, responded, '' The project reports is proved through the implementation and committee's meeting every four months and next three-month-plans after project officers make reports.''
Dr. Kem Ley, Social Development Researcher and Project Member, commented, '' Precisely understand Steering Committee, technical part of youth, gender, research and core employment standard.'' He added, '' This project makes the affiliates capable, so for the prior meetings, we have to research the beneficiaries' data to be aware of information as well as surveying the results before and after ready training. I will assist technical parts for researching in spite of the project with or without budgets. Moreover, Mr. Tun Sophorn added, '' We are short of data and information; therefore, we have to do research.
If referring to the progressivity of the project, in this process the project also has the webpage to broadcast and activities done by it, and to make the involved and affiliates, especially, countries receiving finance under EU Fund watch and be aware of the implementation of project.
Impressed with the webpage, Mrs. Marie Jose clarified and emphasized how many web watchers and asked, '' How do we survey the web watchers? How effective is it?'' Mr. Bean Channy, Project Officer, stated her questions and replied, '' With the cooperation between CNV-I and CLC under the EU Fund in implementing this project in Cambodia and the similarities between working conditions in Cambodia and Netherland and impressions of the affiliates, therefore, the watchers are growing more and more to be aware of information from each other.'' Mrs. Marie has pushed to do research to acknowledge participants' abilities when the project ends. She added, '' I will raise this information at CNV office when I return.'' Mr. Ath Thorn, CLC's President, also suggested to have sooner researches.
Mr. Sok Kin, Acting Director of Building and Wood Workers Trade Union Federation of Cambodia, said, '' In the prior meetings, we discussed about the research; therefore, I suggest the project with implementing activities is known with information and easier to carry out.''

Finally, Mr. TunSophornprecisely clarified,'' We have to do research and train withoutonly focusing on quantities but qualities.'' Then he would like to say ''Thanks'' to Mrs. Marie Jose and the Project Steering Committee participating and closed the meeting.

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