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Steering Committee Meeting of of Pleasantries and Discussion

On 13th May2015, CLC has conducted the Fourth Steering Committee Meeting at the CLC’s office, Phnom Penh, Cambodia in order to reporting of developing and progressing of implementing project activity. The meeting has discussion on the topic of Pleasantries and Discussion between International Union CNV-I and CLC-CNV-EU Steering Committee of the project '' Promoting Core labour Standards in Cambodia-toward a Decent job for Cambodian worker''. There were 08 Steering Committee member including 01 female participants of this meeting.

- Strengthen the relationship between CNV and members of Steering Committee; and
- Exchange information experiences and comments between CNV and members of Steering Committee about implementing activities and the next plan of 2015 and 2016.

Expected Results
- Friendliness between CNV-Steering Committee and CLC is closer and stronger; and
- Experience sharing and recommending to the project working group enhance the effectiveness of implementing successfully.

Welcoming all Participants:

First of all, Mr Tun Sophorn, Chairman of Steering Committee, has opened the meeting and had pleasantries to participants and let them have a look at the agendas if added in the meeting. Before keeping pleasantries and discussion on the topic, he let them to have self-introduction to Mr. Peter.
After encouraging to have a discussion and debate over the implementation and progression of the project with exchanging each other's opinions to carry out successfully, Mr. Tun Sophornsaid thanks a lot to Mr. Jan Ridder for his visit to Cambodia as the cooperative partner as well as the Steering Committee and Asian Regional Project Coordinatorand allowed Mr. Jan Ridder gave comments related with his visit. Next, he mentioned some project activities would be implemented and discussed with working group and the management. Every three months we doreports to investigate between CLC and CNV, not only for EU required but also for the annual reports, and his visit to Cambodia is to demonstrate the project annual reports. So, CNV has no experts to control the implementing process, this is why he invited Mr. Peter to replace these activities. Mr. Peterraised that it was better for the working group to participate. So far, the project has been processing for one year, we have to compare. If we are having a look at the elements of project, what going on is relationship between roles and structure of the organization and people in charge and study in categories, at any time, the working group is not able to participate. Generally, we develop the reports inadequately in the implementation, but it is improved for activities. After Jan Ridder and Peter, Mr. Sophorn would deeply thank to both of them for shares on the processing activities. Next, he let Mr. Bean Channy, project officer to '' Promoting Core labour Standards in Cambodia-toward a Decent Job for Cambodian worker''came to have a presentation of the progression of the project and reported what to have been implemented and what to be implemented in the next three months.
After the presentation, the Steering Committee strongly impressed by achieved activities and joined to rectify with some activities inadequate. Mr. Ath Thorn, CLC President, said ''the implementation is better '', and requested'' the presentation is not seemingly included with the result of activities.'' Mr. Sophorn impressed the presentation and gave feedbacks:'' women participants are less; therefore, the next training I would like to request 20% of the women to take part.'' Especially, the previous meetings, the committee proposed pre-evaluation before each session and post-evaluation to be aware of participants 'abilities. He would like to say thanks to the project, Jan Ridder and Peter here estimated impacts on the project implementing required in their studies and they relay to others and he encouraged to do like that. Estimating impacts requires an initial research if not, it might be not sure they would obtain the knowledge from our project or other projects, so, we have to do it and we have CNV here. The committee raised the resignation of Mrs. Ros Sopheap from the Steering Committee through her E-mail because she had been absent from the meetings three times consecutively , and on the other hand, she had been busy with her organization. Referred to this, Mr. Peter mentioned we had to examine who our partners were and what sectors they did. Mr. Morm Rithy, member of Steering Committee, said he requested to have invitations to more provincial participants or opened the training session at any province once to attract participation. Responded to the request, Mr. Bean Channy answered that because the project had limited budgets; we were not able to invite provincial participants or opened the provincial trainings, on one hand, Mr. Sophornadded reaching to the involved, we had better open this training once at any province, avoiding the expense of much more budgets. To the mention of Mr. Sophorn about less women participants, Mr. Ath Thorn, CLC President, answered some affiliates without women working such as Informal Sector and Tourism, but if no participant, the project has invited substitutes to fill up the quorum as planned by the project, and he also agreed with training implementation at the provincial levels. Mrs. Heng Chenda, member of Steering Committee, said the participants shall be written in the invitation as men or women if not, the federation sends participants as someone is available or free from work. Mr. Sophorn added the project has done a lot by the indications of Steering Committee such as estimation, pre-questions and post-questions. So, what we are going to do arethe initial information to recognize capacity building of participants, promoting more women participants, targeting the involved plus with their ages, as well as recognizing which sectors they come from.
Mr. Sophorn kept on that the resignation of Mrs. Ros Sopheap from SteeringCommittee; we have to consider the recruitment of any substitute or anyone from her organization. But the recruitment is to select the women only, so, the meeting has to reckon which women to be recruited. Mrs. Sopheap resigned because of engaging with her organization while the meeting of Steering Committee was going on but she was able to any staff or representative to replace when she was busy. Mr. Jan Ridder added the recruitment of Mr. Ros Sopheap as the member of Steering Committee followed by the EU's indication and other project's member under EU's fund as well as her organization significantly focusing on women, so, we still keep proposing her to participate. To the training sessions, Mr. Peter raised,'' When I am here, I will discuss with Mr. Horng Vuthyand Mr. Bean Channy about participants whether how capable they are and the affiliates should precisely comment on not only the federations but also government representatives able to participate to be ware and sharing.Mr. Tun Sophorn added the project holders were here (Jan Ridder and Peter) and had quite a lot of tasks to be completed, so the next meetings, he would request to have the election again to select the head of committee. Mr. Ath Thorn, CLC President, still keep proposing Mrs. Ros Sopheap to participate in the Steering Committee.

Finally, Mr. Tun Sophorn raised we had been discussing about some issues. Anyway, the women participants have to be followed by at least 30% CLC's policy; therefore, we have to bring more women to take part. Once again, closing the meeting, he would like to say thanks to the participants and program organizers.

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