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Youth Issues in Cambodia

On 30th June, 2015 CLC have cooperated with CNV-I to conduced a training on “Youth Issues, Youth Policy, and Youth Mainstreaming” At CLC, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.This project training aims to improve the knowledge of participant on national policy, show about the problem to youth and union youth, exchange the knowledge and experience from difference sector on advocacy strategy, and make the work plan to strengthen to you on the capacity building in the future. There were 28 participant include 7 female who come from 7 federation include 2 university.

Under facilitated from Mr. Bean Channy, Project officer of CLC, Miss. Born Kanha, and Project Assistant of CLC and have cooperated from Miss. Peng Sunday, Third vice president of CLC have conduct the training for one day. This training has participation from Mr. Kong Athit,General Secretary of CLC comes to open remark. There was one main person from PHD to be as a presenter for this training.
Mr. Bean Channy, Project Officer of CLC has welcome to all of participant and he has introduced the project between EU_CNV_CLC in implement the project. He said that CLC get the financial support from EU through CNV-I to implement the project on “To Promoting Core Labour Standard in Cambodia toward a decent job for Cambodian Worker”.
Mr. Kong Athit, General Secretary of CLC has invited to open remark for the training of theNational Youth Policy. The union needed the training course (Kong Athit said). I just proposed the opinion to every one about the CLC’s objective. CLC want to know about the heart of youth, the thinking of youth on the union sector. He continue that, our country have three Paul include Independent, Party (Power), and Party (opposition). We do the demanding to have the monitoring and evaluation about the law that easy in specific identification, the information and knowledge are important for every one (He said). At the end he said that, the workers will gain more benefit if the union are strong on their power. However, all the benefit will depend on the government thinking if government union is strong them independent union.

Around three speaker who were invited to presentation on this training includeMr. Kong Athit,General Secretary of CLC; Miss. Peng Sunday, Third vice president of CLC; and Mr. Uch Vannin, Project officer of PHD.
Mr. Kong Athit have invited to presentation on Union Youth and Youth issues. He focussed on the Union Youth, The differencing between union youth and general youth, the challenge of youth in labour sector.Mr. Uch Vanninhave invited to presentation on the youth policy,he focused on three point include i) the profile of national policy processing on Cambodia youth development, ii) the meaning of national policy processing on Cambodia youth development, and iii) The work plan for Cambodia youth development.Miss. Peng Sunday have invited to presentation on youth mainstreaming, she focused on four main point include i) Introduction, ii) The strategic to do youth mainstreaming, iii) the benefit of youth mainstreaming, and iv) the challenge of youth mainstreaming.
Overall Concluding: The training has completed in successfully for a full day through the program of CLC and CNV-I proposed. There were more number of participate and follow the expectation. Most of participant is the youth who come from different union and university youth. They have good relationship and active in sharing the knowledge. They have respected on the training regulation, Value of other participant.
Lesson Lern: The facilitators have lern from the training, speaker on how to do presentation, the concept of speaker and recommendation from them for the training and youth. The faciliators also have lern from the participant on their felling, their needed, their sharing the oppinion, expresson the concern to the training around youth issues and the preparing of training. The facilitators have lern from their self in preparing the training on the preparation, facicilate, providing, protecol, and lern on how to be a good facilitator.

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