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Youth Leadership Training

Depending on the financial support from EU who provided to CLC by CNV-I, Cambodia Conferderation has conduted a training of on 08th Aug 2014 at CLC office. There are 20 participations and 4 female who are the union leaders and activist who come from union, university youth, and NGOs. The purpose of this training focus on two main points on providing awareness to youth in trade union, school, and rural area to understand about the youth meaning and youth role, add more

about the main topic they will be also got more knowledge about the chance to receive the information from other sectors in society. Strengthening capacity for youth in all sectors to build their confidence and they will have strong commitment to speak out in public and they will become to be a good leader in society.

Mr. Ek Sopheakdey, Vice president of CLC has come to open remark in the training of youth and leadership. His speaking is focus on Back ground of CLC, the concept of leadership, the kind of leadership, the election to all participants knew. He also add the message to participant that “To youth have strongly in strong country is a strong educational system”, “The Advance country is the advance educational system”.

Mr. Sao Lee, Youth coordinator of CLC come to presentation of the main point that focus on union, youth, Society and role of youth in society.

Mr. Cheang Sokha, executive director of youth resource development program has share the experience about leadership. He focuses on four main points like YRDP background, the challenge of youth leadership strategy to shove the challenge, youth owner independent for moment.

Result: The training is very successful. We get participants expected, and they are active to sharing knowledge, experience, they have a lot of question to speaker and they are very active to discussion and brave to presentation. The participants have good relationship, helpful, have respect with other people. Especially, they are satisfied with speaker’s sharing. After training, the participants have understanding of youth, leadership, and union. And they interested with the social issue.



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