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Closing Conference of Project EU-CNV-CLC Core Labour Standards in Cambodia

During period one day, on 13th March, 2017 CLC have cooperated with CNV-I to show activities achievement in three years in the EU project of closing conference on “Promoting Core Labour Standards in Cambodia-towards a decent jobs for Cambodian workers” that has 71 participants (M 39, F32) joined The main objective of training aimed to 1). To disseminate the project progressing, result and challenges to the participants. 2). Sharing lesson learns and experience on project implemented,

and 3). Strengthening and cooperating with the partners and who are the target groups for promoting core labour standards in Cambodia and a decent job for all Cambodian workers.


Mrs. Marieke De vries, she is a program officer of CNV-I was introduced of the function and the history of the EU project to work with CLC to improve the labour rights and promoting core labour standards in Cambodia-towards a decent job for Cambodian workers. The women right should be equal with the men as she has seen the women situation in Cambodia. Promoting women rights is a good step in the EU project and gender equality is a main work of EU-CLC. Youth employment, CLC is working hardly to improve the job for youth through website, face book page and trainings and negotiation with employer and government on social dialogue, trade union law, good living condition, health care at workplace for and ILO convention to protect human rights and good economy for workers in Cambodia.


Achievement: Three main components was achievement in the project in three years, these included:
Component 01: Institutional Capacity Building: total number of 58 trainings and 1,165 participants (Male: 776, Female: 389) in three years.
Component 02: Alliance Building: there are 16 organizations; it included CCHR, 2 Freeland Consultants, CLEC, CHRAC, Star Kampuchea, C.CAWDU, Acils, YCC, CAWF, CLC, BWTUC, CTSWF, CIWA, CTWF and CIWF.
Component 03: Protection and Promotion of Core Labour Standards, women workers ‘rights and young workers ‘rights; there are 5 sub-grands on core labour standards, women worker rights and young worker rights. It included Cambodia Informal Workers Association (CIWA), Cambodian Agricultural Workers Federation (CAWF) and Cambodian Industrial Workers Federation (CIWF) implementation on organizing, negotiation and conflict management, Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers Federation (CTSWF) and Building and Wood Workers Trade Union Federation of Cambodia (BWTUC).
Challenges: There are five challenges in the project implementation, it included:
1. The regional members received a bit knowledge from the project because the project just extension activity in year 3.
2. Numbers of male to attended the project activities more than female.
3. Some of Steering Committee members are participation the meeting because they are busy with their core work.
4. The political climate in Cambodia and different vision and mission between NGOs and Union to makes a difficult on alliance establishment for the project.
5. Be difficult to find the expert person to share an experience for any training.

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