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Steering Committee Meeting

July 01st, 2014 (Half Day from 9.00am-12.30pm)
CLC Meeting Room

1. Introduction

CLC is a politically independent and neutral organization with 92,274 members and 8 affiliates. CLC has a mandate to unite all unions and associations in the labour sector in share voice in order to promote democracy, and to advocate for workers interests with employers as well as government and its vision is a democratic Cambodian society that respect human rights, fundamental freedoms, equal right between men and women, as well as. In its vision, CLC wish to reach good living conditions for all Cambodians. To response to the hard and active works on its mandates, CLC just got the new project through CNV from European Commission to promote core labour standards in Cambodia-towards a decent job for Cambodian workers.

On the 3rd of March 2014, CNV International has entered into a contract with the European Union (represented by the European Commission) for the project “Promoting core labour standards in Cambodia – towards a decent job for Cambodian workers”. A partnership is formed for the execution of this project consisting of CNV International (The Netherlands, applicant) and CLC (co-applicant). Under the contract, the Steering Committee of project, Promoting core labour standards in Cambodia – towards a decent job for Cambodian workers, will be conducted. In order to conduct the steering committee, CLC has proposed a steering committee meeting, July 01st, 2014.  The meeting is organized to establish the Steering Committee, to discuss roles and responsibilities of steering committee and its members and to elect the President of SC.

2. Objective:

  • To conduct and to introduce the project steering committee;
  • To develop the steering committee’s roles and responsibilities; and
  • To elect the President of SC.

3. Expected results:  

  • Steering Committee will be conducted.
  • Steering Committee will get more understanding about EU’s project and follow up the project’s activities.
  • Steering Committee will address and decide project issues and challenges in processes of project implementation.
  • Develop strategy to overcome the project main challenges.

4. Steering Committee Members:

  1. Mr. Jan Ridder, Programme Officer Asia CNV Internationaal, the Netherlands;
  2. Mr. Kong Athit, Secretary General of CLC and EU Project Manager from Cambodia;
  3. Mr. Tun Sophorn, National Coordinator of ILO from Cambodia;
  4. Dr. Kem Ley, Social Development Researcher (Freelance) from Cambodia;
  5. Mr. Cheang Sokha, Director of YRDP from Cambodia;
  6. Ms. Heng Chenda, Chief of Gender Committee of CLC from Cambodia;
  7. Mr. Sok Kin, Acting President of BWTUC from Cambodia;
  8. Mr. Sok Chhun Oeung, Acting President of IDEA from Cambodia;
  9. Mr. Morm Rithy, President of CTSWF from Cambodia; and
  10. Mr. Ek Sopheakdey, Secretary General of C.CAWDU from Cambodia.

5. Meeting Date and Venue:

  • Date: 1st July, 2014
  • Venue: CLC’s office,#2,3G, St. 26BT, Thnout Chrom Village, Sangkat Boeung Tompun, Khan Meanchhey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

6. Program


7. Participants' List


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